Headshot of Myself in Squatting PositionHello, I’m Eric Naumann.
I’m a freelance graphic and web designer set in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
I started my graphic design journey back in 8th grade where I created graphics for my YouTube videos and for other friends who were doing the same. In 10th grade I took my first graphic design class where I was first was exposed to and fell in love with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign. From there I knew that graphic design was going to be one of my main passions in life, and I’ve continued to grow my skill ever since.

In 12th grade I took Advanced Graphic Design in which I along with six other students were responsible for bigger projects for the school. These projects were for school events, and were a lot of fun to make. We also had other personal-growth projects, such as when we had to create our own font from scratch.

After graduating high school in June of 2015, I started attending Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wisconsin and got my associate’s degree in May of 2018. Over those past years I met a lot of other designers and got exposed to all different forms of design. I personally feel like I have grown to be better and better each year that went by, and I still feel like I’m getting better here in present day.

My goals are to transfer schools and get my Bachelor’s degree while starting up a freelance design business on the side. I hope to achieve this goal within the next few years, so that I can keep setting more and more goals throughout my life and work on achieving them one at a time.